Would Jesus support HB2?

I can only imagine the scene if the story of John 8:1-11 happened today. People would have flipped their collective lid. Sides would form, ideological wars started, and nuclear social media crusades would transpire.

She should be stoned! She deserved it! Look what she was wearing.

Don’t stone her! He probably raped her and threw her out on the street, she is totally and completely innocent.

In the blog-o-sphere, writers would ride the wave of SEO keywords of the ensuing rampage, and

I can only imagine Jesus would still be caught in the middle, not defending Himself, but protecting the girl trapped in her sin, hoping the day would not be her last.

When things happen, our first instinct is to take sides, by human nature, we make alliances, factions, and divide ourselves by rank and file and condemn those who refuse to follow suit; however, Jesus clinged to the former, as He taught that He alone was the sole way to Heaven, and it got Him killed. This kind of entrenched allegiance partly initiated one of the most bloody wars in the Twentieth Century, The Great War, but there’s the history buff geeking out. When the dust on HB2 settled, parties were expected to take sides - war had begun.

Those not in favor of HB2, in other words, this was the bill in North Carolina that prevented those who identified as transgender, or man as woman or woman as man to use the restroom corresponding to their preferred gender (If you have been dead, living in a hole, or you are oblivious to the world around you, you have both missed some entertaining back and forth and frustrating discourse). This is, however, the layman’s definition.

This Transgender debacle “forced” sides to form, with the more liberal-minded individuals on one side, and the more conservative on the other. You guessed it, a good majority of Christians sided with the latter without ever a thought if they should.

This brings us to an integral question - Would Jesus support HB2?

On the one hand, Jesus loves all. He accepts all as is. John 3:16 is just as true for someone who is biologically male identifying as a woman as it is for the porn addict, the atheist, the child molester, the gossip, and the glutton. Jesus loves all and accepts all as is.

On the other hand, however (hey - this is like from a movie), Jesus loves His children too much to leave them as they are. Romans 8:29 speaks to God’s mission in our lives to conform us to the image of His son, namely Jesus.

Jesus accepts all, loves all, but hates sin.

Somewhere in the mix, moderately political Christians got stuck.

I believe this bill exhibits some of the worst of Christianity, to which many who supported and pushed HB2 ascribed. When Christians themselves begin to legislate Christianity, something is off, it is only slightly similar to what Saudi Arabia is doing in the Middle East, legislating Islam, and look how that is going for them.

Many Christians I know have not stopped to see the other side of this legislation, or stopped to empathize with the LGBTQ community and supporters in this bill. The first reaction was outrage, but I cannot hardly blame them, because I cling to biblical definitions of gender and sexuality; however, Jesus wants more out of us than fear. He wants our hearts, and the hearts of every transgender person on this planet - He loves them and sent His son to die a brutal death to buy their heart.

So, would Jesus support HB2? Currently, I don’t think so, while I am not an alleged expert on this or any issue.

Before you come mob out front of my house with torches and pitchforks, hear me out.

If refusing to support this legislation would make enough of the LGBTQ community feel comfortable enough to exist as a normal person, allow them to feel the love from the Christian community, and would see the side of the latter, hear the Gospel, and have their lives changed, Jesus would in no way support HB2. If it gave Him an opportunity to soften the hearts of transgender individuals to hear the saving message of repentance and grace, He would withhold support.

He would do anything for someone to come to Him, repent of their sin, and enter into a saving relationship with them. But - He would not let them stay that way.

He would begin transforming them, calling after them, and pursuing their heart. He would capture their affections and conform them to His own image. Eventually, these individuals would find identity in Christ, not in their gender, not in their dysphoria, they would find redemption and wholeness in the One who created them.

I cannot speak for Jesus any more than I can speak for Bono, Mariah Carey, or any other person, but knowing Jesus for the little time I have, I know He would do anything to capture and encapsulate the heart of someone whom He loves, because He did it for me.

Whether you are transgender or not, God loves you and is constantly pursuing you. He bought you at too high a price and loves you far too much to leave you in your sin. Gay, straight, porn addict, transgender, glutton, adulterer, liar, murderer - surrender to Jesus, and He will radically change you. 


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