Will These Be Terrifying Times?

I’m going to admit I’m not sure of what to say given recent events. The country I have spent my 28 years living in decided that Donald Trump was fit enough to run our “free world”. I can’t lie. My initial reactions were shame, anger, and confusion. How could this happen? How could America basically decide which lives matter more overall? It was hard to not feel a bit victimized since I am a black woman and LGBT ally living in a southern state. I’m also in an interracial relationship, and I can’t help but feel like there’s a massive bulls-eye on my back. General unease was replaced with numbing fear, and dreading what is to come. I thought about spending the rest of the day bitter, and maybe seeking a way to lash out. I want to get back at anyone pro-Trump, and fight fire with fire. However, my heart won’t let me.

Will these be terrifying times? Without a doubt. But we can’t stop living, and we shouldn’t stop loving. We might not agree with our president-elect, and might harbor wishes of ill will to those who support him. I’m begging you to not go down that road. We have seen what bitterness and hate can do overall when it wins. Don’t add to that. I’m going to sound like a hippie, but hear me out on this. Even if you don’t believe in the Christian faith or don’t have faith at all, I would like to believe that we all want our fellow man to be happy and healthy. We are facing times where basic human rights might be revoked, or altered in a very negative way. There might be a chance that Trump said what he said for show, and maybe he might attempt to be a decent person. I don’t know him, and I don’t know his heart, nor the heart of his vice president.


I do know this: I can control how I react to these men and their supporters, and I’m going to love and pray for them just as I would have if Clinton had won. I’m not going to carry on such divisiveness in my generation. I can’t change the world overnight by myself. But…sometimes all it takes is one person. All I’m asking from whoever reads this is to just love one another. Stop fighting over things that do not matter, and help wherever you can and when it is needed. For those that support Trump, I congratulate you on your chosen candidate winning, and I hope he is the leader that you think he is. For those that supported Clinton, do not give up hope. There’s still so much more you can do, without fighting hate with hate.

For all of us, let’s remember what’s important. We are all human. We all deserve to feel safe, healthy, wanted, and respected. Do not let election results stop you from being a loving, change-inducing individual. We’re going to see a massive change in our culture, our government, and even our churches. Don’t lose heart. This is not the end for us.