Welcome to ChristianPig

Hello, reader, and welcome to the first blog post of ChristianPig. I am Justin, one of the CP writers, and I'd like to first thank you for reading this post. I know there are so many blogs and people out there expressing their thoughts and feelings on the interwebs, so I appreciate even the time taken so far to give ours a try. You might be here because you're a friend of mine that I asked desperately to check it out in hopes that you'd like and maybe share it, you might simply be curious or kind of offended by the name. There could be some other random reason, but regardless, we are grateful. I suppose that brings up the question "What the heck is ChristianPig?". The answer might seem like it should be a simple one, but just like anything else, it's not. In fact, there are many things that ChristianPig is not. As fun as speculation can be, here's a small list of a couple options we can rule out:


-  Some sort of hog that hung out with Jesus.


- A way to call Christians or compare general Christianity to a pig (sorry if that's disappointing, although we will probably find lots of cheesy comparisons to use).




The truth is that ChristianPig is a name that we chose for the specific purpose of wearing many hats.

 Pigs wear hats? No, not usually, but Christians certainly do. Sometimes they wear slouch beanies as they sip on a cup of coffee, when another one wears a trucker hat whilst watching Fox News. There are Christians with nicely hair-sprayed faux hawks and Christians with dreadlocks reading feminist blogs.

 Wait Wait Wait ChristianPig writer person, those are stereotypes! And plus you don't have to be Christian to be those things or many other things! Now we are starting to get to the heart of ChristianPig.

 The PIG part of the name is an extremely clever acronym for Perspectives In a Glance. We believe that each and every person, Christian or not, has a valuable and unique perspective to offer to others. We also understand that peoples' (including ours) perspectives are merely a glance of the big picture and, frankly, limited to their experiences, environment, and culture.

 So? What's the point? The vision of ChristianPig is to help us and anyone reading this to understand others and to see value in differences with one another. We are convinced that learning this will assist us/others to have broader minds, aid our human growth, and probably end world hunger. Consider this thoughtful example, brought to you by my good friend, token homeschooler, and founder of followmyhero.com, Miles Pennell. And listen up people because this is probably the wisest thing you'll read in this whole damn article.

 "If someone stands directly above a chair and looks down at it, they will see two cushioned surfaces, but they will fail to see the legs of the chair. If someone else sees the chair from the back of it, they may not realize that someone can sit on it. If someone sees it from the bottom up, they may not realize that a person could lean back while seated. While these perspectives are all different and lead to different conclusions, none of them are incorrect. In fact, they are all correct but would require collaboration and an understanding of one another's vantage points to see the full picture. Perspective and open-mindedness is important because so many topics and objects in life are far too complex to understand from only one viewpoint."

 The chair of life is almost infinitely complex, far more than any chair I've sat on, and too often we assume that our own perspective represents the full picture. Sometimes it's intimidating to be challenged to look at life from multiple angles, to some, it may even seem unnecessary. I don't know about you, but I'd be disappointed to find out that my old, uncomfortable rocking chair that I sold on Craigslist for $25 actually had a function that turned it into a well-cushioned recliner with cup holders and robot hands that could have given me massages. That's, of course, a silly example, but you can see how it can be applied to growing our perspectives and what that could do to improve our lives. We hope to become a versatile sort of people, and depending on who you are, this versatility could look a few different ways to achieve different goals.


- Christians or people seeking to know more about Jesus can grow closer to him and hopefully see the world through a more "Christ-like" lens. As Christians ourselves, this would be an ultimate goal for us. We do believe that Jesus had an eternal view on others, and this view allowed him to actually love and be effective in changing people.

- Non-Christians or those in other belief-systems can grow to be better people and advance the human species to be more well rounded. Also, we feel some responsibility to try to repair, to whatever degree,  the view on Jesus being a closed-minded and even hateful God. In many ways, we see that we as Christians have a tendency to misrepresent the character of Christ. Sorry about that.

- Grandmas can finally learn how to use the "clicker".


One last point to ChristianPig for now, and this is something we will visit in greater detail in future posts. We really want to value transparency and authenticity amongst ourselves and others in this journey. Let's face it, times are changing with this digital era and we've reached a point where almost nothing is sacred anymore. With the explosion of social media, hashtags, and news outlets, just about everyone has a voice and a clear vision into the lives of others. All of the dark things in our lives can be exposed to just about anyone, at any time. How will we handle it? Fake it or face it? Own it or let it own you? I guess that's up to you for yourself, but we want to charge ourselves and others to not be chained up by the dark crap we withhold. What does that look like? We don't know, but these things we do know: We all screw up, a lot, we all carry a whole lot of garbage on our backs, and people are tired of the facade of some sort of perfection. And for you Christians out there- Jesus is tired of it too. I'm not trying to over-spiritualize this post, but we are not called to look perfect, but the opposite. We are called to realize that we are nothing near perfect and that we need a savior.

 All that being said, we really hope our readers understand that we, as ChristianPig, are also learning through this process. These blogs and interviews are as much for us as they are for anyone reading this. We look forward to the experience of ChristianPig with all of you.