Be Yourself, You Never Know Who’s Watching!

Be Yourself, You Never Know Who’s Watching!

I’ve never felt the call to preach from the stage, or use my music as a tool for ministry.  I truly believe that if we have faith in God, that our lives should be our ministry.  As someone who holds that view, I’ve often examined my life as a musician and felt that I was lacking in certain ways, that I wasn’t being enough of a light in a dark world. 

Jesus Listens To Slayer

Jesus Listens To Slayer

"If I truly put my faith in the Creator of the Universe, then I should be open minded enough to listen to various points of view, knowing that God's truth will be revealed if I'm truly seeking it.  Because of this philosophy, I can confidently listen to views that are the exact opposite of what I've been raised to believe, and have meaningful conversations with those who are presenting those views."

The Art Of Forgiveness

The Art Of Forgiveness

'If Jesus could forgive the very people who nailed Him to a cross, can’t I also forgive myself and others who have “done me wrong?"'

ChristianPig Motif Announcement

ChristianPig Motif Announcement

A letter from Justin introducing ChristianPig Motif.

PigTale 06 | CPM Coordinator: Jonathan Foster

I won't waste time with introductions or credentials.


My name is Jonathan and I am just a university graduate with internet access.

After graduating with a degree in Music Business I was equally excited and lost as to what came next. All of my instructors and guest lecturers encompassed their talks with ‘This is how it worked back in the day, but it doesn't work like that anymore, so good luck.’

Yeah, thanks guys.

I have known for many years that music, in one form or another, was in my future.

We are always told to chase our dreams, aren’t we? Isn't that a challenging admonition.

Even now, with a four year degree on my wall, I still do not know how my passion for music will ultimately manifest. What I do know is that music is a universal language. It transcends backgrounds and presuppositions, it binds and equalizes us. That gets me up in the morning.

Have you experienced this moment? At a concert or production, the crowd is seemingly vibrating with anticipation, when the crescendo explodes, the famous chorus breaks, and the melody soars. In that moment of metaphysical ecstasy, it no longer matters who is to your left and right, it no longer matters what you have accomplished, it no longer matters what baggage he carries, it no longer matters what pain she is fighting, nothing else matters except that the moment exists and you are part of its happening.

Music will always be the sweetest escape, the most honestly understanding ear, and the safest place to reflect and inspire.

When I met Justin and encountered this breaking community centered around perspectives, I could not help but entertain my curiosity. My university experience gave me the opportunity to develop my own perspectives and encounter those of my peers. It is so important that we refrain from becoming stagnant in our perspective; it shapes our worldview, the way we relate to one another, and by far the most important, it is the litmus test to the condition of our hearts. This is why I am excited about what Christian Pig (CP) is aiming to facilitate. By offering the platform to highlight differing perspectives through upbringings and experiences, we all stand to gain by submitting to what those around us have to offer. It takes courage to stand behind your perspective and greater courage still to reconsider and adopt variations. I would encourage you to approach this with a determined open mind.

I truly believe that music has a role to play in what CP will become. Music is a common ground where expression and passion fuse to allow for communal growth. Whether that is discovering peaking artists, discussing the latest pop-star’s artistic direction, or sharing in the emotional experience that is music consumption.

So whether you are making a living in the music industry or simply someone who appreciates the impact of music on the human heart, I genuinely look forward to crossing paths and gleaning from your perspective. As I said before, be determined to enter in with a courageously open mind, do not be afraid to question the established order of ‘how things are’, and for our sake, please endeavor to share your unique perspective.

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