Remembering Jesus

Something I’ve noticed has been blowing my mind lately, and NOT in a good way. I’m a bit stupefied by some of what I’m seeing, that this is the reality. What has elicited such a response, you might ask? Well let me tell you! 

Christians who don’t follow Christ.

This isn’t some new denomination or religion. These are people who claim to follow Christ, but have no idea, or don’t care about what he actually said. I feel like a bit of a broken record; Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo already wrote about this (which I still need and really want to read) as well as my friend Megan (seriously, check it out here), but I’m going to spout off about it anyway, because I can.

Jesus said, once upon a time, to love God and love others as ourselves. He also said all the law and prophets hang on those commandments (Matt. 22:36-40 - clearly one of my favourite passages in scripture). So basically, what we have here is an equation for how to live our lives. Since ALL laws, and everything the prophets ever said, have to do with loving God and/or loving others, all we have to do is make sure we’re following these two commands and we’re golden. Right? Obviously this is an oversimplification of my view on the meaning of life, but let’s roll with it. Christ literally said that the most important things we could ever do are loving God, and loving others.

I don’t see that love in modern Christian culture.

You want to know what I see?

I see people who love feeding their bank account, but not feeding the poor.

I see people who love being right, but not being a friend.

I see people who love protecting their own, but not protecting the vulnerable.

I see people who love themselves, but have a hard time remembering to love God and others.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of Christians who certainly embrace the live of love I believe Christ prescribed. A lot of the Christians I know and consider friends fall into this category. God is still working in our society and culture in order to bring his kingdom here. However, this is happening despite these Christians who don’t follow Christ. Praise the Lord, the Gospel is still getting through somehow.

I think modern Christian culture is very much bogged down by people who forget that Christ is why we do all of this. Jesus isn’t just some dude who died so we can go to heaven. He’s God personified, coming to Earth not just to save us, but to show us love, to serve us, to set an example how we should therefore live.

Maybe I’m just cynical. That could be it. But I’d like to think I’m a cynical optimist, cynical in that I see that we’re doing all this stuff wrong, but optimist in that I think we are totally capable of so much better. I’m not saying all this just to point a finger. I can make this mistake just as much as anyone else.

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