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The purpose of ChristianPig is to give a voice to people’s stories. How did we get where we are now? How do various events in our lives affect our faith (or our lack thereof, as the case may be)? Well, it turns out that those of us at ChristianPig aren’t the only ones who care about such things. For those of you interested in reading some narratives of philosophers of religion, I highly recommend reading a series of entries on The Prosblogion. Philosopher Helen de Cruz of Oxford University has taken it upon herself to do a series entitled, “Philosophers and Their Religious Practices.” In it she interviews a wide sampling of philosophers - Christians (Catholic, Evangelical, mainline Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, LDS, etc.), Jews, Muslims, agnostics, a Buddhist-ish guy, and even a “religious naturalist”. I think you’ll find it interesting reading about the influences that brought these folks to where they are now and how their work in the world of philosophy affects their own religious practices.

So far there are 22 in the ongoing series. I’ll try to update this post as new ones become available. Here are the links:

  1. Marcus Arvan - University of Tampa - Hopeful Agnostic

  2. Leigh Vicens - Augustana College - Episcopalian

  3. H.E. Baber - University of San Diego - Episcopalian

  4. Jennifer Frey - University of South Carolina - Roman Catholic

  5. Anya Topolski - University of Leuven - Progressive Jew

  6. Steven Horst - Wesleyan University - Eastward Looking Anglican

  7. Terence Cuneo - University of Vermont - Eastern Orthodox

  8. Eric Steinhart - William Paterson University - Religious Naturalism

  9. Michael Sudduth - San Francisco State University - Mostly Eastern

  10. James Faulconer - Brigham Young University - Mormon

  11. David McNaughton - Florida State University - Methodist

  12. Amber Griffioen - University of Konstanz (Germany) - Still Deciding?

  13. Samuel Lebens - Rutgers University - Orthodox Jew

  14. Michael Rea - University of Notre Dame - Christian Reformed (Dutch Calvinism)

  15. Gilah Kletenik - New York University - Jewish

  16. Kristen Irwin - Loyola University (Chicago) - Evangelical Covenant Church

  17. Hossein Dabbagh - Universitat Luzern (Switzerland) - Shi’ite Muslim

  18. Saba Fatima - Southern Illinois University (Edwardsville) - Shi’ite Muslim

  19. J. Aaron Simmons - Furman University - Pentecostal Christian

  20. Tyler Dalton McNabb - University of Glasgow - Evangelical Christian

  21. Kevin Timpe - Calvin College - Conciliar Christianity

  22. Owen Flanagan - Duke University - Catholic Atheist

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I'm Scott Wheeler. I'm a lot of things – Christian, Montanan, conservative, philosophy-lover, amateur theologian, gun-owner, Detroit Lions fan, Spikeball player, owner of a dog named Eleonore. I work at a jail doing things completely unrelated to my interests or qualifications. I love being contrary: if old, stale thought is all the rage, I like to find a new perspective. If new and novel ideas are all the rage, I like to defend more traditional views. I genuinely appreciate disagreement so long as it never strays from civility.