ChristianPig Motif Announcement

Hello friends,

I have not ever wanted ChristianPig to only be a blog. Writing is a powerful avenue of expression and will always be a major part of our project, but it was never the intention to be the only avenue. The mission of ChristianPig is to represent many perspectives and let’s face it, not everyone can read. We have many projects that are underway and we are ready to launch phase 2 of ChristianPig. Enter CP Motif.


1. a recurring subject, theme, idea, etc., especially in a literary, artistic,or musical work.




There is much to be said about the beauty in the expression of a perspective by a musician and the music they create. Since we are in the business of sharing perspectives, we would be letting the world down if we didn’t dabble in the artistic world of music. We are beginning with the representation and promotion of independent artists/bands.

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We are very excited to be on this musical journey with you all!



           Justin H