28 Days is a project about perspectives of people whose lives intertwine with the black struggle either personally or through others close to them. Along with their perspective they entrust us with what they hope for moving forward.

Here is 1.

28 Days is about the perspectives of those around us when it comes to being black in America. We all have one. Let’s be honest. Some of us think blacks complain too much. Some of us think blacks should get over slavery (I’ve heard this in the last 24 hours of writing this). Some of us who are black think that there’s no hope for us. Some of our perspectives have evolved over our lifetime. Some has been formed reflecting on the lifetime of others.

This project gives voice to the perspectives that vote for the goodness in people. I’ve been lucky that some super smart, thoughtful, and diverse people surround me. I’m talking cool diversity not “The Real World” diversity. I’ve heard their struggle over the last year. The only thing I’ve thought other than “I wish this was different”, was I wish other people knew. I wish other people knew what it was like to be an all white family raising black kids in the south, or a gay black man in the south, or a black person in academics.

Each person gets to write about whatever the want. We all struggle in different ways. My only request is that each person comment on what they are hopeful for.

For me, I’m hopeful for change and conversation. I hope that we stop taking someone’s voice and perspective away because it dismantles ours.

Or because we don’t like it.

Or because it’s painful.

Or ugly.

Or too honest.

I believe we all have a responsibility to leave others better than we found them. I hope we don’t think about these issues the same anymore. I hope this project touches someone and changes someone’s heart towards these issues.